Fail Better

by Terrible Terrible

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The debut record from the band Terrible Terrible. These first five songs exemplify the full spectrum of the group's creative palette thus far, boasting baroque pop mentality united with modern aesthetic. Both dense and contemplative while still light on its feet, "Fail Better" is a smooth and immediate transition into Terrible Terrible's sound.


released July 1, 2014

All songs written and performed by Terrible Terrible
Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Mark Bucci
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Additional Engineering by Erik Anderson
Recorded at Fort Blanket Studios in Fanwood, NJ
Drums recorded at Brick Window Studios in Raritan, NJ
Album cover photograph by Paul Brasil
Hand-made record packaging art stencil by Kelan Doyle

Terrible Terrible is: Jack Browning - Drums
Mike Tarnofsky - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Kelly - Auxiliary Percussion Set, Varied Percussion, Bells, Vocals
Mark Bucci - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers, Drum Machine, Vocals

Additional percussion and noises provided and played by Bob Larsen on Track 5 "Burgundy"

Special thanks to: Erik Anderson and Joe Larsen at Brick Window for their help and early enthusiasm at the beginning stages of this record, Bob Larsen for our odd percussion day, Mikhail Pivovarov for his generous bass lending, Kelan Doyle for his great work on our album art, Joe Lambert for his continued work and support, Ryan Egan and The Ugly Club for their helping hand, encouraging words, and attentive ears; and of course our roommates and moms for not throwing us out on account of the constant noise from the basement.



all rights reserved


Terrible Terrible New Jersey

Terrible Terrible is an ambitious quintet that combines naturalistic and contemporary shades of the musical spectrum to create a new aesthetic using synthesizers, guitars, varied percussion, and three voices in close harmony.

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Track Name: Technicolor Idols
We've been caught in this room to kill the lie
The lies well saved, the lies well lost, the lies we've come to know and trust

From what was sought will conclude the day, we wonder why
Lest we forget to lay off and pay off the tide

Don't look down if you don't want to brace the fall that comes for us all
Tend another idol, wake up

I've heard it said that this space is just breath, it's nothing more
And all this noise for one sound, one pulsating round
Track Name: Pulling Teeth
Did I step on your garden?
Did I kill your bloom?
Didn't mean to trample on your flowers, just hate to see them grow so soon
Didn't mean to act like a filthy floor, how I stuck to your shoes
Look at me getting carried away
You know I never thought I'd feel this way

Call him soon

Got your card and your call today
I got a feeling you're not going away
Only you will know
Say no more, say good night
I locked the door and I shut it right

Vacant to-do's, unfinished chores
I'll pay my dues instead of yours
These gums recede nevermore
While spitting teeth against the door

I walked back and forth for days
What I thought I might find
Something so forgiving in the daylight
Track Name: Barry
Seeping cold
The cracks on the floor have opened
Fleeting warmth
Near hearth there's no room anymore

Cowardice in me or daze from you
Avoiding or awaiting embrace
How is it so near, when cast so far?
How to read signs of fear and grace

No untaught ease
I know your knees weak
Don't please me
Just leave me be
Words that I wished I believed

And I'll ride this out like lonely days before
Your comfort in cold, my dear, don't let it show

Sometimes, for some reason, some things feel like nothing's the right thing to do
Some day, I'm somewhere, somewhat happy with the sum of the things I have with you
Track Name: Wrists Like Little Branches
With scraps for days I'll waste away
With wrists like little branches
Her memory leaks, while my breath speaks
Conditioned hearsay fallacy
(We won't live to make old bones)

The common ground, our shadows did shroud
Planted seeds, untended soil
So we'd lay with wrists like little branches

And I alone will lie alone

Wrists like little branches fall